CCopying the floppy's structure into an image file with Linux

Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Thu May 25 07:07:22 EDT 2000

Absolutely, and it's as easy as dd it. For example:
dd if=/dev/fd0 of=file.img ; sync
Rather than using dd to write it, you use dd to read it. The command at
the end, sync, tells linux to close the file buffers so nothing's left
open that shouldn't be.

On Thu, 25 May 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:

> Hello, listers!
> Do any of you know whether it is possible to copy the image of a floppy disk
> into an image file with Linxu? Say, I have a floppy and I would like to have
> its image stored into a file onto hard drive. How would I do this with
> Linux?
> Regards,
> Vic
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