Dumb question (was Re: thanks and success)

Jacob Schmude jacobs at ncinter.net
Wed May 24 17:45:35 EDT 2000

Easy answer: Lynx also requires a mime type for it's suffixes. So, even if
you defined it there, it still wouldn't play, the mime type still would
not be recognized. I asked ACB radio to add a mime type for those files,
but they said they'd need to ask the ISP they're running on. Apparently,
they didn't get far, I've seen no mime type added.
	As an alternative, you might want to go to www.linux-speakup.org
and use the acb radio link they've provided for the mainstream, they've
got the mime type:
defined and you just need to set that type up to be used with
freeamp. This still won't allow m3u files from acb radio to be played,
however. You'll still need to download and save them, then run freeamp on

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Joseph Norton wrote:

> Now, this is a dumb question.
> Why can't you go into lynx.cfg and tell lynx what to do with the file
> using the suffix: field.
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> On Tue, 23 May 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:
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> > Unfortunately, there is no way to have ACB Radio play automatically from a
> > web browser. The reason for that is that .pls files are sent as a straight
> > textand you cannot tell Linux to treat it otherwise. So, what one of the
> > listers suggested is to save .pls files with Lynx and then load them with
> > Freeamp on the command line. It works pretty fine.
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