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Thanks, Kirk, you were right about copying the file - I copied it
into /boot and the errors went away.

I've booted a few times now and found that SpeakUp can be made to carry on
talking - it seems to depend on when I hit the Control key during system
initialisation - I haven't yet pinned down a recognisable point when it's a
good idea.  If I don't press ctrl then SpeakUp stops talking eventually (I
assume a buffer overflow), but it can also clam up if I press it at the
"wrong" time during the start-up process.  I'll carry on fiddling and see if
I can pin this behaviour down.  I can usually get success after two or three
restarts, so it's not too bad.

My plan for tomorrow is to rebuild the kernel again - firstly to try and get
rid of my i586 errors and secondly to get my rtl-8029 Ethernet card to work.

Thanks again for all the help.

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Hi Again Tim:  No.  That warning is telling you that you didn't copy
the file in /usr/src/linux into either / or /boot after the
compile.  It depends on what your distribution is expecting as where
to find the file.  It is a warning though and should not cause a
problem running, but you'll want to correct the situation to avoid
continuous messages when running ps and the like.



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