kernel re-compilation

Tim Burgess tim at
Thu May 18 10:00:47 EDT 2000

Hi folks,

Since posting my last message about kernel re-compilation I've booted again
with the same result as previously.  However, this time I hit the Control
key to shut SpeakUp up a little and found that I got some warnings like
"/boot/system map contains an incorrect kernel version" - I imagine that
this means I need to tweak something somewhere in order to reflect the fact
that "uname -r" now reports 2.2.14 instead of my old 2.2.12.  I might be
missing punctuation in the message, so don't treat it as verbatim.  My linux
image statement in lilo.conf is /vmlinuz and, obviously this file exists at
root (I checked, honest).

Could this account for my i586 errors, which come up later after the speech

I'm going to try a "make config" tomorrow when my helper is around again,
but if anybody has any ideas in the meantime I'd love to hear them.

Thanks again.

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Oh I should read your messages more thoroughly.  The config settings are
stored in /usr/src/linux/.config, assuming you compiled from
/usr/src/linux.  This file is generated by the make config process and is
what make oldconfig refferences.


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