Kernel re-compilation

Tim Burgess tim at
Thu May 18 08:05:14 EDT 2000

Hi folks,

I thought I'd successfully re-compiled my kernel with SpeakUp, but I appear
to have been wrong.  When the machine boots my synthesizer (Braille 'n
Speak) starts to talk but stops when the O/S reports an error that my 2.2.14
kernel can't be run on an i586.  When I compiled the kernel I cheated and
did a "make oldconfig" instead of a "make config", partly to save time and
partly to avoid some of the questioning that might lead me astray.  Is this
where I went wrong?  Do I need a different copy of the source (Red Hat 6.1)?
I should state that linux continues to load and allows me to log in, but
with no speech.  If I do "uname -r" I get the correct kernel version back
(i.e. 2.2.14 instead of my previous 2.2.12).

Help!  I'm so near, yet so far!

Thanks, yet again, in advance.

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