Error while trying to patch speakup to linux

David Robinson redbaron at
Thu May 11 18:32:39 EDT 2000

I have never patched or compiled the kernel before and I did read the installation docs before running the patch prgram.  In the installation documenation it says first to patch speakup by typing patch -p0 <speakup-0.08-patch.  After I typed in that line it gave me an error saying the -p is invalid and also said  can't find file to patch at input line 4.  And then t asks me to enter a file to patch and I typed in speakup-0.08-patch and it gave me a hunk #1 ailed at 8961 and I aborted after that.  I'm using Mandrake-linux 7.0 kernel 2.3.14 on a p133, 96mb of ram , 3.2bg hard drive 1mb of video ram and a soundblaster 16.

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