Redhat6.1 boot disks with Speakup don't seem to work with DoubleTalk LT

Jim Wantz jwantz at
Thu May 11 12:53:09 EDT 2000

Hi Vic,
Sometimes you won't get speech when you aren't plugged into ttyS0.  Make
sure your Doubletalk LT is plugged into that port and it should work.  I
have experienced another problem, speech will hang if you leave it on
during the entire initialization process.  However, Kirk's latest
Doubletalk LT driver has cured this.  I would recommend shutting off
speech when it begins to talk and not reanble it until you get to the
login prompt.  Then rebuild the kernel with the latest drivers that are in
the /pub/linux/speakup directory on good ol' bumpy under the name:
    Jim Wantz WB0TFK

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:

> I downloaded the boot disk for RedHat6.1, ltlkb.bin, and copied it onto a
> floppy. I tried it on two machines and in both cases the machines booted, but
> no speech ever came up. Anyone have an idea why this behavior?
> Vic
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