NumPad problem

David Baker dbaker3 at
Sat May 6 15:38:40 EDT 2000


I appreciate all the help in getting Slackware installed.  Looks like I had
to use the color.gz file.  Speakup is in my kernel, but the navigation now
does not work.  Speakup is still talking, but the keymap seems screwed up.
The color.gz install brought up the keymap menu, stating that enter would
select default keymap as US.  Everything else works fine, just not the
actual number pad.  In fact the keys seem to perform as if there were no key
bindings.  The 8 on the num pad goes up a line, 2 goes down, etc.

How do I fix this?  I'll see if I can find Speakup on the CD.  Right now,
this box isn't connected to the net, till I get a NIC card and a hub to use
cable with it.



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