Can't install Slackware

David Baker dbaker3 at
Thu May 4 07:17:35 EDT 2000


I'm trying to install the latest revision of Slackware.  I have a boot
floppy with Speakup on it.  At the prompt, I type:
mount root=/dev/hdb01
which is my cdrom drive.  The drive is found, but it says 'No initial
console'.  The Kernel Panic error states:
"Kernel panic: no init found.  Try passing init option to kernel.".

I've tried using rawrite to make a root floppy from the rootdsks folder on
the CDRom and mounting that with:

mount root=fda0
which is my floppy drive, thinking from there I could mount the CD.  When I
do this, I am prompted for the root floppy.  After inserting it, I get the
"Kernel panic: Could not mount device hda0"  which is my hard drive.  It's
still Fat16, but I intend to make it a native Linux partition: thus using
these root floppies and the CDRom to do it.

What's happening here?  Am I missing something obvious?  I'm a Windows user
with only telnet experience to unix, so apologies for the basic questions.

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