netconfig; Zipspeak7

Dave Hunt wx1g at
Tue May 2 20:17:44 EDT 2000

Hello Listers!

How should I set up my 'netconfig' so that, when I send a mail message using
a 'sendmail' link on a web page, the letter doesn't come from
<wx1g at>?  Since this domain doesn't exist, my isp won't
relay these messages.  Yes, I have gone into the '.lynxrc' for the 'wx1g'
account and set the email address.  Also, I have gone into the 'lynx.cfg',
and made sure the 'no-from-line' variable is set to 'false'.  As a kind of
"last resort", I ran 'netconfig' and set myself as a loop back device with
the hostname the same as that of my isp's smtp server.  This failed as
expected, since the 'mx' records point wrong, etc.  Why do I not have this
trouble when using pine?  In Pine's configuration file, I specified my
domain as '', and all is well.

Any help appreciated,

Dave Hunt <wx1g at>

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