Announcing ZipSpeak 7.1-1

Matthew Campbell mattcamp at
Mon Jun 26 23:14:05 EDT 2000

ZipSpeak is a talking mini-distribution of Linux for blind and
visually impaired people, based on the ZipSlack distribution and the
Speakup screen reader.  ZipSpeak is designed to be easily installed on
an existing MS-DOS or Windows system, so that the user can start using
a talking Linux system with little difficulty and without help froms
omeone who can see.

ZipSpeak 7.1-1 features ZipSlack version 7.1 and Speakup version
0.09a.  Speakup version 0.09 introduces new drivers for several speech
synthesizers, including the Apollo 2, the Braille and Speak, and the
DECtalk Express.  ZipSpeak 7.1-1 includes a new utility called
speakupconfig which simplifies the customization of Speakup.  It also
includes a modified configuration for the Lynx Web browser which makes
it easier for blind people to use.  Finally, ZipSpeak now supports
many keyboard layouts besides the U.S. layout, greatly improving its
usability for international users.

For more information, go to the ZipSpeak Web page at:

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