E-mail on your own box

Joseph Norton jnorton at nortcom.com
Sat Jun 24 13:22:20 EDT 2000

Hi Brent:

Standard TZO is a subdomain service
(example: yourmachine.tzo.com).  Premier TZO is what you would use if you
already had your own top-level domain (example: mymachine.com).  Anyone
ordering Premier TZO service may want to check out:


There, you can get your own top-level domain for 12 EURO (about $12
U.S.) per year.  Cheaper than TZO's option for registering, though, a bit
trickier to set up.  However, not impossible.

Hope this helps.

On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, brent harding wrote:

> What's different between standard and premier? I only intend to use a
> subdomain for now.

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