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Jim Wantz jwantz at
Sat Jun 24 12:04:14 EDT 2000

Hi Scott,
In order to run my rebol script, you first need the Rebol interpreter
version 2.2.0.  Their address is: if you prefer
I'll let you download it from my machine.  It occurred to me that I only
have that huge file of weather stations on a DOS machine.  I'll ftp it to
my Linux box here at home Monday so you can get it.  One thing to remember
when using the identifiers in the file, is that the identefiers are ICAO
ids meaning 4-letters.  In order to use the 3-letter identifiers Janina
mentioned in her message, you'll have to omit the leading K in the United
States locations, e.g. KDCA becomes DCA and KSFO becomes SFO.  By the way
that latitude/longitude information comes handy for beam heading programs
that give bearing and distance.  I've got a program that incorporates 1205
stations for those types of calculations if anybody is interested.  Sorry,
for the non-Linux topic.


On Fri, 23 Jun 2000 showell at wrote:

> ay Jim, I'd be interestedin the file and script. SOunds relaly useful.
> tnx
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