Getting Weather Information

Jim Wantz jwantz at
Fri Jun 23 18:42:43 EDT 2000

Hi Everybody,
Actually, there are any number of blind friendly weather sites, not just
the weather underground.  You should try the following URL's: (select the text version).
The IWIN site is the most heavily accessed site year around in all of NOAA
not just the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center is
the most frequented site during hurricanes.  

If any of you are interested I have a file at work that has the letter
identifiers for all of the weather stations in the world as well as their
latitude, longitude and elevation.  Its 13 megabytes!  I've also written
Rebol scripts that will access weather information and write it to your
disk, thus bypassing the need for a web browser.

     Jim WB0TFK

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