trplayer 1.0.1

brent harding bharding at
Thu Jun 22 12:07:05 EDT 2000

Is there a way to just hit check for updates some how from the command
line? I just downloaded the first trplayer and the realplayer 7.0 rpm file,
it had an error of some invalid command when it installed, but it works.
Otherwise, people who don't really use windows would have to have help to
download it, as the site is hard to get to with lynx with those picture
links and junk that only windows screen readers can handle.
I think, however, lynx has the potential to be the best, it's the only
browser that I've even heard of that properly will read inline links with
speech when you enable numbering. 
At 04:33 PM 6/21/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Chris -
>Matt's program 'trplayer' does not require X but version 1.0.1 requires a
>very current copy of realplayer - it will not work with version 7.05 which
>is on the goodies ftp site. Version 1.0.0 works with it, but not 1.0.1.
>My web site is 
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