the Reflector

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Mon Jun 19 11:30:25 EDT 2000

Hi Jason:  When we talk about the reflector, we are discussing a speak
freely reflector.  Speak freely is a kind of internet phone package
which allows folks to talk to other folks using speak freely.  A
reflector is kind of like a conference call line.  A bunch of people
can talk together at the same time.  The speakup reflector lives at and is basically where quite a number of
speakup users hang out to help each other or just bull shit.  There is
almost no time of day when someone isn't listening on the reflector.

To use it you need to get speak freely for Unix or Windows and install
it and then connect.  If you are using linux we have some scripts
available which will start the various components of speak freely and
attach automatically.  You can get speak freely from either or from the goodies directory on the speakup ftp



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