Compiling new kernels for Slackware

Jenny Dodd kc5gni at
Sun Jun 18 20:13:43 EDT 2000

Hey Tommy, Joseph, and the rest, 

Haven't posted here in a while, if ever, but being I spent the vast
majroity of my weekend upgrading, compiling, and uh repairing my kernel, I
felt I had to say something on this thread... And what a learning
experience it was! <g> 

Joseph, if I understood your question correctly, you were wondering if you
could skip the *zImage* portion, since it failed every time anway, and
move directly on to *bzImage.* From my own experience, and others please
correct me if I'm off base of course, you should be able to move on
straight to "bzImage," without having to do a "zImage" simply to watch it
fail and tell you you need to do a "bzImage" instead. 

Jenny Dodd
Dallas, Tx. 
kc5gni at
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