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Sun Jun 18 01:04:42 EDT 2000

Hi kirk
	Well, with devfs, running the snddevices script screws things
up. It screws it up to the point of requiring a reboot. After attempting
to have two copies of the same device (which is essentially what's
happening) you're bound to have trouble. Thanks for the major and minor
numbers. I'll need to put them in my devfs startup script so they will be
available whenever the system boots.
	If those alsa drivers can really make my card act full duplex even
if it isn't, that'll open the door to the reflector for me.

On 18 Jul 2000, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Hi Jacog:  Well, if you are using the alsa drivers then they will make
> your card work like it is full duplex even if it isn't.  I believe.
> Also I think alsa creates the /dev/audio device when you run the
> snddevice script.  Just incase though, the /dev/audio device is major
> 14 and minor 4.  The reflector works just fine with anything above
> 14.4 modems.  Speak freely needs to be able to talk to the /dev/audio
> device though.  We may need to look into changing that at some point.
> It looks like there is going to be some on going upgrades to speak
> freely 7.1 however.  John Walker just made 7.2 available for beta
> testers and I know there are a few more patches on the way as well.  I
> was worried about future support but he seems dedicated to it.
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