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Jan Buchal buchal at
Tue Jun 13 04:46:38 EDT 2000

Good day,

as you possibly know, from 5th to 9th July the first Libre software
meeting takes place in Bordeaux, France.

One of the topics at this meeting will be Free software for the blind and
visually impaired. We have taken responsibility for organisation of this

The subtopics by this time are:

   o SSI - Simple Speech Interface:        
        o Goal: to develop a library which will enable the transparent access
          to the speech synthesis for application developers          

Speech enabled basic system utilities:

   o Goal: to speech-enable the basic console components of GNU system

Sound processing:

   o Goal: to write documentation and make a virtual package containing a

Speech support for Emacs:

   o Goal: to develop new speech support for Emacs

Emacs extensions:

   o Goal: to develop tools and extensions which help (not only) visually
     impaired people to use Emacs

Speech synthesis:

   o Goal: to gather information and experience with speech synthesis systems
     and to write the SSI drivers.

Debian packages:

   o Goal: To provide debian packages for all the components of the
     free-b-software project.

Braille terminal support:

   o Goal: to contribute to the development of brltty

Music notation support:

   o Goal: to provide good support for visually impaired users of Emacs for
     writing and printing music notations (including braille output)

Advocacy and documentation:

   o Goal: to publish true information and advocate free software. Support all
     the free-b-software projects with good documentation.

If you would like to take place as a lecturer, or add some next subtopic
write to my address or to address of my colleague Mr. Vanicek,
<vanicek at>

Best regards


Jan Buchal

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