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Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Mon Jun 12 09:18:59 EDT 2000

My experiance is that there are two areas that different distributions
vary aside from the install tool. The major one is in the init
scripting. RedHat uses SystemV init scripts while Slackware uses BSD style
scripts. The SystemV scripts are harder to modify directly, but easier to
use to start and stop services.

The other area of difference is in tools available to configure your
system. RedHat comes with a few tools that make up a comphrehensive system
for maintaining and configuring your system. The big one is Linuxconf that
allows you to configure most things on your system. But if you wish to
learn the more direct approach involving editing of the files responsible,
Slackware or Debian are better choices. But the redhat tools work inside
and outside X quite well.

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