older apollo2 does not talk

vanicek at brailcom.cz vanicek at brailcom.cz
Mon Jun 12 07:27:21 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I have tried to run speakup-0.09 with Apollo2 synthesizer I have access
to but I failed to get it working right. I've been told that this one is
an older model of Apollo2 without the handshake support which might be
the cause of the trouble.

When the kernel boots, it looks for Apollo and usually finds it all
right (but sometimes, eg. when I have brltty connected too, it finds it
at 0x3e8 which is wrong because there are 0x3f8 and 0x2f8 only - but
leave this aside for now).

The main problem is that it won't speak - in the dmesg I can see
messages stating that apollo has been found and speakup initialized but
there are several 'timed out' messages afterwards and it won't say a

I have had a look at the sources and I made a small experiment (which
may be a bit misleading - I don't have much experience in kernel hacking
or port programming) - I have commented out the contents of xmitr
function leaving only 'return 1'.

Doing this made it talk a bit but only random letters now and then.
Have a clue what might be the cause of the problem?
I would appreciate your help very much.

If I should try some more experiments I'm ready to do it.

Roman Vanicek				Free-b-software project
mailto:vanicek at brailcom.cz		http://freebsoft.freesoft.cz

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