speakup and transport

Raul A. Gallegos raul at asmodean.net
Thu Jun 8 11:12:45 EDT 2000

Thanks for this suggestion.  I added this to the /etc/lilo.conf and now it works each time.  The strnage thing is that I had 
this same installation in the same hard drive on a different machine about a month ago and it worked each time without 
this serial addition line.  hmmm, no explanation for it.

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000 20:05:54 +0000 (UTC), frankiec at unforgettable.com wrote:

>Hi Raul.
>I have found this to be the case with a lot of the systems that I work
>with.  I have found puting a line like this at the top of the lilo.conf
>will wake up the ports so that speakup can see that CTS is high.  
>This line will make you lilo prompt be read by your synth.

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