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Charles Hallenbeck chuckh at
Wed Jun 7 19:46:47 EDT 2000

Jude -

You have to dial out with the command "ppp-go" before you run lynx - lynx
does not know anything about dialing out. When you are ready to hang up,
use "ppp-off". There is a program called "diald" which supports dialing on
demand, but without that, you have to explicitly initiate the dialing and
disconnecting yourself.


On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Jude T. DaShiell wrote:

> This is a pci card, and it connects to a boca external dos modem.  I've
> managed to get out on minicom to the i.s.p. but after having run pppsetup
> and then having run lynx, lynx did not dial out.  Possibly the ppp script
> wasn't written correctly I may have local help to find out.  In any case,
> I'm farther along the path than I was yesterday.  Thanks for your
> interest.
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