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Hi Vic,

     The reason you can't use a symbolic link from your CDROM directory to 
your anonymous tree is because when you log in as anonymous, the system
does a change root (chroot) to the root of your anonymous tree.  Have
you ever noticed that when you look around systems you've accessed by
anonymous FTP, you find directories such as lib, bin, and dev.  This is
because the process you're running needs to be able to access libraries, 
commands and devices.  Because of the change root, the ftp process can't 
access the real root, or, for that matter, anything else on the system
that's above the root of the anonymous FTP tree.  It would be better to
create a directory in /home/ftp and mount your CDROM on that for the

          Hope this helps.
          Bill in Denver
On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:

> OK, guys! I did the RTFM process and am ready to network install RedHat6.1. I
> ran, however, into a very small and funny problem.
> >From within my public FTP area I tried to create a symbolic link to the
> directory where CDROM is mounted. Everything went fine. WHen I access this
> directory from FTP as a user, then I can enter it with no problems, however,
> when I try to do it anonymously, I get "no such file or directory" error. I
> assume this has to do with /etc/ftpaccess file, but I don't know how to modify
> it to correct the problem.
> Here is the small scenario.
> I have directory /mnt/cdrom
> Under /home/ftp I create a soft link to /mnt/cdrom by
> ln --symbolic /mnt/cdrom redhat
> OK, now I canswitch to redhat by typing
> cd redhat
> everything works fine.
> If I enter through FTP as a user, Ican still
> cd redhat
> however, when I login anonymously and try
> cd redhat
> I get "no such file or directory".
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks,
> Vic
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