On network instllation of Linux

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Tue Jun 6 09:47:29 EDT 2000

OK, guys! I did the RTFM process and am ready to network install RedHat6.1. I
ran, however, into a very small and funny problem.
>From within my public FTP area I tried to create a symbolic link to the
directory where CDROM is mounted. Everything went fine. WHen I access this
directory from FTP as a user, then I can enter it with no problems, however,
when I try to do it anonymously, I get "no such file or directory" error. I
assume this has to do with /etc/ftpaccess file, but I don't know how to modify
it to correct the problem.

Here is the small scenario.

I have directory /mnt/cdrom
Under /home/ftp I create a soft link to /mnt/cdrom by

ln --symbolic /mnt/cdrom redhat

OK, now I canswitch to redhat by typing

cd redhat

everything works fine.

If I enter through FTP as a user, Ican still

cd redhat

however, when I login anonymously and try

cd redhat

I get "no such file or directory".

Can anyone help?

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