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Shawn Djernes shawn at
Mon Jun 5 20:07:03 EDT 2000


Lets try this.   Is this an ISA or PCI Card?  If ISA does it have jumpers
or is it plug-n-prey in windows.  If PNP have you tried configuring it
with the isapnptools?  If PCI can you dump proc/pci to a file and send it
to me direct.  I have set up PNP modems so a serial card sould not be hard
but you will have to figure out how slackware uses ISAPNP because I only
know it in RedHat 5.x and later.  If it is a PCI card you may be able to
use one of the other drivers that are available but we would have to see
what chip or descripter it uses first.

Tryin to help,

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Jude T. DaShiell wrote:

> This is a desktop machine and the irq 9 works with dos and commo.  So I
> don't think there's any address conflicts unless they only show their
> heads on this deeper level.
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