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Sun Jun 4 21:26:07 EDT 2000

If your laptop is a relitivly new machine like my Toshiba IRQ 9 may be the
APCI (Advanced Power Control Interface) address.  I had to set an exclude
in my PCMCIA *.opts file. (Left the notebook at work, so if you need the
exact place and what the line looks like I can get it.)  Also as far as I
know the Linux PCMCIA drivers do what that dos program would have
done.  When they initialize the card service they wake up all cards and
detect what they are.  Once this is done they set up appropiate devices by
loading modules.  You may want to see if you have a file called
serial_cs.o or if the card is a CardBus card serial_cb.o in

Let me know if you need anymore help,

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Jude T. DaShiell wrote:

> I wish I knew, it's a siig 20x card and in order to wake it up in dos I
> have to run cb20xpc.exe.  The blasted card is over on irq9 and it's com2
> in dos.  Was told that if it was awake when I went into linux I could edit
> a couple scripts and get to it on the next login.
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