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Shawn Djernes shawn at
Sun Jun 4 11:05:28 EDT 2000


What chip does the card have.  I had a SCSI card from SIIG that was not
listed and was actually an AdvanSys chip which works very well.  The more
details you know the better your chances of finding what your card is like
and then just makeing some changes to a config file works.  This is what I
had to do initially to get my PCMCIA LinkSys adapter to work in my Toshiba

Shawn Djernes

On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Jude T. DaShiell wrote:

> I'm going to have to get a new serial card though.  Seems siig 20x is not
> a supported brand and model according to the list of supported cards in
> the pcmcia howto file.  Ah, it's a Dell computer, and that company has its
> problems.
> They were told Linux was going to be used on this machine before I bought
> it.
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