Newbie Intro

Christy Schulte cs006624 at
Sat Jun 3 17:40:49 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I will probably be asking some real newbie questions soon, so I wanted to
just introduce myself so you guys weren't wondering who the heck I am. I am
totally blind, and currently using windows 98 and jaws for windows 3.5. When
I first got active on the internet, in the dos days, I discovered Unix shell
accounts and have been fascinated ever since. However my knowledge is
limited to the user standpoint, and the fact that I did once install redhat
on a machine and got limited access to it via telnetting into it from a
windows machine. I did manage to learn a bit of administrative things such
as setting up users, playing with inittab to even get it to speak, but
that's about it. Now I'm ready to go to the next level, and hopefully if I
can ever figure out what the heck I'm doing, install a Linux package on a
second machine that I have here purely independently. Unfortunately te only
synths I have access to right now are a bns and a dectalk PC1, and te only
linux distribution I have is redhat 5.1 on cd. I am assuming I will have to
wait for redhat boot images for speakup and obtain the newest version of
redhat before anything else, but I wanted to start getting information while
I could and hopefully learn from everyone here. Once I get a little more
comfortable I will be happy to beta test things, I just hope you can be
patient with me in the beginning as I'm sure some of my questions will be
quite simple and newbie to most of you.


Christy and Renata the golden girl

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