ALSA and kernel 2.4.0test1

Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Sat Jun 3 17:16:51 EDT 2000

	Does anyone know how to successfully use ALSA with kernel 2.4.0
test1? It compiles fine, but there's always an unresolved symbol in
module snd.o. If I remove kernel symbol versions, I get more unresolved
symbols. Since I finally got speakup up and running on this kernel, does
anyone know what to do to get ALSA to work? I'd rather not use the
OSS/Free kernel sound drivers.
	I don't want to go back to 2.2, as I've finally gotten this kernel
running the way it should be and I've made system changes to accommodate
some of the new features, and I'd rather not change them back. I suppose I
could go download the evaluation copy of OSS/Commercial, but I'd rather
not go to a commercial product, when the free ones work better.

Jacob Schmude
mailto:jacobs at
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