new speakup-0.09.tar.gz yet again

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Sat Jun 3 10:02:11 EDT 2000

Hi Folks:  I have been struggling with a few bugs over the past few
days which have prepared me for institutionalization.  There is a new
v-0.09 tar ball on the ftp area which I recomend you download and
install, particularly if you're having problems with the DoubleTalk pc
driver.  The bugs affect all the synths though so you might end up
with some pretty weird problems if you do not upgrade again.  This is
for the v2.2.x kernels.

On the v2.3.x kernels there is still a bug with device probing if it
is not the first device such as ttyS0 or something like that.  I
recomend you stay away from the 2.3/4.x stuff until I've had a chance
to work it over more carefully.  Synths should work okay on ttyS0 but
internal cards, the Doubletalk in particular won't work unless you
change the i/o port it lives on in the synth_portlist array.  Andy and
I will try to nail this down and fix it over the next few days.


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