hint: patching a 2.3 kernel

ed at magus.dhs.org ed at magus.dhs.org
Thu Jun 1 09:43:39 EDT 2000

> > 	If any of you are going to patch a 2.3/2.4test kernel with speakup
> > v0.09, the patch seems to have a problem where it only looks for
> > 2.3.99-pre8. So make a symlink from your source directory to 2.3.99-pre8:
> > ln -s linux linux-2.3.99-pre8
> > It will patch perfectly then.
> No it won't.  I just fixed the tar ball.  Sorry about that folks.
> It's Andy's fault, all gang-up on Andy.

Eek!  I blame it on lack of coffee.  Yeah, that's it.  Coffee.

Or maybe those damned cosmic rays.

Andy "Eddie" Berdan

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