magic trick

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Mon Mar 31 16:55:30 EDT 2008

on a cruise ship in the carabian, there is a magician who makes his living by
  putting on magic shows for the guests.  the capitan of the ship has a
parrot and attends every show.  unfortunately, the parrot keeps ruining the
magicians show by constantly calling out the tricks used by the magician.  "
its up his sleeve, Braack!  its behind his back, Braaak!"  this goes on for
a few shows, until the magician becomes so infuriated he pulls out a gun and
  shoots the parrot.  unfortunately, he's a lousy shot, and the bullet misses
  the parrot and hits a propane tank instead.  the resulting explosion
destroys the cruise ship, scattering it into a million pieces over the ocean
..  the only survivors are the parrot and the magician, floating in the water
  and clinging to a floating piece of wood.  the parrot looks around
carefully, then looks over at the magician.  "OK," he says, "I give up.
where'd you hide the ship?"

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