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Fri Feb 2 17:11:50 EST 2001

Hi Bill,
I forwarded this to your old address, and of course I realized it AFTER I
sent it... I have now changed your address in my Hotmail Address Book too,
so you won't miss any more "wonderful ditties" like this one... have a great
day and an even better weekend!

President George W. Bush called Prime Minister Jean Chretien with a pressing
emergency; "Our largest condom factory has exploded," the American President
cried.  "My people's favourite form of birth control! This is a disaster!"
"Georges, da Canajian pipple would be 'appy to do anyt'ing wit'in der power
to 'elp you," replied the Prime Minister.
"I do need your help," said Bush. "could you possibly send us 1,000,000
condoms ASAP to tide us over?"
"Certainment! I will get on hit right haway," said Jean.
"Oh, and one small favour, please?" said President George W.
"Could the condoms be red, white and blue, and at least 10
inches long, with  a 4 inch diameter?" asked Bush.
"No prob'lem," replied the Prime Minister, and with that Chretien hung up
and called the President of Trojan.
"I need a favour.  You got to  make 1,000,000 condoms right haway, and
sen'dem to Hamerica."
"Consider it done," said the President of Trojan.
"Great! Now listen mon ami. Dey haf to be rouge, blanc et bleu in colher,
hat least 10 hinches long, and 4 hinches in dia'meter."
"That's easily done. Anything else?"
"Yes," said the Prime Minister, "print on dem

W.B. Carss
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